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Air Conditioner


1. Check the condition of the air conditioner and test it before cleaning it

2. Before cleaning, take waterproof measures around the air conditioner

3. Use professional tools to remove the fan blades, dust filter and mask

4. Carefully clean the removed fan blades, dust filter and mask

5. Spray high-concentration detergent on the air conditioner to clean the frozen copper pipe of the air conditioner

6. Use a high-pressure water spray gun to clean the drain of the air conditioner to achieve the best cleaning condition

7. After cleaning, dry the air conditioner components and install them

8. After cleaning the air conditioner, clean up the site

9. Notify the customer to accept the air conditioner and conduct a test

Fixing an Air Conditioner


1. Window type cold air cleaning

2. Wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning

3. Harmonica split machine cleaning

4. Four-sided air-conditioning cleaning

5. Air-throat air-conditioning cleaning

6. Central air-conditioning cleaning



1. Household helper (household cleaning)

2. Disinfection service

3. Babysitting service

4. Elderly Care Services

5. Cooking service

6. Formaldehyde removal service

7. Carpet Washing Service

8. Pest control service


The overall air quality in Hong Kong has always been unsatisfactory. After a period of use, air conditioners tend to accumulate dust and dirt, which can easily breed bacteria and affect the performance of the air conditioner. Therefore, regular maintenance such as cleaning the air conditioner window and split air conditioner should be carried out. "One House One Air Conditioner Cleaning Expert" provides cleaning and maintenance services for various types of air conditioners, including window type air conditioner cleaning, wall-mounted split type air conditioner cleaning, harmonica type split type machine and four-way air-conditioning type, air-throat type Air-conditioner cleaning, central air-conditioning cleaning, etc., provide professional and high-quality air-conditioning cleaning services for homes, companies, schools, shopping malls, etc. in Hong Kong throughout the year.

Window type air-conditioning cleaning

The window washing machine first needs to disassemble the parts of the air conditioner, and then disassemble the whole machine when washing the window machine, and then use a special window washing machine cleaning agent for deep cleaning.

Note: Window Air Conditioner Cleaning Process
1. Before cleaning, it will test whether the air conditioner is working normally
2. Protect all places that have the opportunity to come into contact with,
3. Disconnect the power supply of the air conditioner, and remove the dust filter and mask
4. High-pressure water gun to clean the refrigeration sheet, pig cage, air outlet, heat sink and chassis
5. Clean the drain pan and throat
6. Assemble all components and put them back in place

Wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning

Before washing the split air conditioner, the master will do a good job of site protection, including carrying the washing water in a waterproof plastic bag, and then take off the casing of the wall-mounted split air conditioner, and then use the special cleaning agent for the split air conditioner for deep cleaning. Clean, after completing the cleaning procedure of the split type air conditioner, perform the running test.

Harmonica split machine cleaning

Our masters will carry out deep cleaning for the harmonica-type split machine, including the dust filter, outlet fan, and condenser, and then use special stain-removing liquid to clean the inside of the air conditioner, clean the outer shell, clean the water tray blockage, and drain the drain pipe 1. Clean the heat sink, check the temperature and the operation of the parts after cleaning.

Four-sided air-conditioning cleaning

When cleaning the four-sided air conditioner, first use waterproof tape as a site protection, then remove the face mask and dust filter of the air conditioner, and then use liquid medicine to clean the front cooling plate, water tray, pig cage and air outlet in sequence, and then Start the neutralization process with water, wash the front cooling plate, water tray, pig cage and air outlet in order, then rinse the original drain hose in the machine, and then rinse the air conditioner mask and dust filter with clean water before reinstalling, and finally try Check whether the wind is normal and whether there is any peculiar smell.

Air-throat air-conditioning cleaning

The master cleans the air-throat air conditioner. First, he uses a waterproof protective material to protect the site, and then removes the air conditioner's cover, dust filter, fan blades, etc., cleans the return air position and pig cage fan, and checks the water drain Then spray a special cleaning agent on the air conditioner, then clean the heat absorbing and heat dissipation coils to remove dirt and mildew, then dry and reinstall the cleaned air conditioner cover and screen, and conduct an air conditioner operation test. The cleaning procedure of the air-conditioner is completed.

Central Air Cleaning

Central air-conditioning cleaning can avoid indoor air pollution through dust removal, old removal, sterilization and anti-virus, etc., improve the cooling effect, and at the same time prolong the life of central air-conditioning components. The scope of cleaning includes ventilation ducts, fan coils, hosts, water systems, and wind cabinets. , Cooling tower cleaning, etc.




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