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1. Check the condition of the air conditioner and test it before cleaning it

2. Before cleaning, take waterproof measures around the air conditioner​​

3. Use professional tools to remove the fan blades, dust filter and mask

4. Carefully clean the removed fan blades, dust filter and mask

5. Spray high-concentration detergent on the air conditioner to clean the frozen copper pipe of the air conditioner

6. Use a high-pressure water spray gun to clean the drain of the air conditioner to achieve the best cleaning condition

7. After cleaning, dry the air conditioner components and install them

8. After cleaning the air conditioner, clean up the site

9. Notify the customer to accept the air conditioner and conduct a test

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Service area

1. Window-type air condiitoner cleaning

2. Wall-mounted split air conditioner cleaning

3. Harmonica split air conditioner cleaning

4. Four-sided air conditioner cleaning

5. Air-throat air conditioner cleaning

6. Central air conditioner cleaning


Other Home Services

1. Household helper (household cleaning)

2. Disinfection service

3. Babysitting service

4. Elderly care service

5. Cooking service

6. Formaldehyde removal service

7. Carpet cleaning service

8. Pest control service


The overall air quality in Hong Kong has always been unsatisfactory. After a period of use, air conditioners tend to accumulate dust and dirt, which can easily breed bacteria and affect the performance of the air conditioner. Therefore, regular maintenance such as cleaning the window-type air conditioner and split air conditioner should be carried out. "One Plus One Clean" provides cleaning and maintenance services for various types of air conditioners, including window-type air conditioner cleaning, wall-mounted split type air conditioner cleaning, harmonica type split type machine and four-way air conditioner, air-throat type air conditioner cleaning, central air conditioner cleaning, etc., provide professional and high-quality air conditioner cleaning services for offices, companies, office buildings, schools, shops, shopping malls, etc. in Hong Kong throughout the year.


    - 冷氣充足
    - 減低突發損壞,延長零件,機械壽命
    - 節省電費
    - 免卻維修的金錢損失
    - 免除冷氣突然停頓及維修的損失
    - 改善公司空氣質素,精神爽利
    - 提高員工工作效率及滿意程度
    - 免卻都市空調病及空氣細菌感染

Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning Services Scope

1. Air conditioner in offices/office buildings
2. Air conditioner in restaurants and kitchens
3. Air conditioner in shops
4. Air
conditioner for school

What should customers prepare before washing the air conditioner?

The customer should clean up the site in advance and reserve enough space for the master to clean, so as to avoid the furniture being splashed with sewage during cleaning. For example, cleaning the window-type air conditioner requires disassembling the body, and then moving the air conditioner to an open place for cleaning, so Before the air conditioner comes to the door, it is necessary to clear the sundries under the air conditioner and arrange a place suitable for cleaning the window-type air conditioner.

Why does the air conditioner still leak water after draining the water pipe?

There are various reasons that can cause water leakage from the air conditioner, including too much dirt accumulated in the air conditioner, problems with the installation of drain pipes, etc. The solution includes thoroughly cleaning the inside of the air conditioner to prevent dirt from flowing into the pipes.

What is the difference between a window-type air conditioner and a split machine?

To clean a window-type air conditioner, you need to disassemble the air conditioner parts first, then disassemble the whole window-type air conditioner , and then use the special cleaning agent for cleaning the window-type air conditioner to clean the inside and outside of the fuselage; as for cleaning the split type air conditioner, it is not necessary To disassemble the unit, you only need to take off the parts of the air conditioner first, and then do on-site protection such as waterproof plastic bags to carry sewage, and then start cleaning the split air conditioner.

Does cleaning the split type air conditioner include the outdoor unit?

In consideration of safety, when the master cleans the split type air conditioner, he only cleans the indoor unit, not the outdoor unit.

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