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About Us

Professional and reliable, confidence guaranteed

All sending masters need to undergo professional training and have rich experience

The price is fair and there is absolutely no hidden charge

To protect customers, all quotations are uniform, and there will be no different prices for the same machine. If you arrange to clean multiple air conditioners at the same time, you will get a unified discount. The charge for cleaning multiple air conditioners at the same time is relatively cheap. Welcome to groups of owners of various housing estates to inquire about group purchases quotation

Compensation for damage

If it is found that the damage is caused by our employees during the process of washing the air conditioner, the company will bear the cost and promise to the customer that "washing damage will be compensated". At the same time, it shows that the company has sufficient training for the masters and guarantees confidence.

prevent coronavirus

All the masters sent by the company must wear masks during the service process, and ensure that they have no travel records in the past 14 days

90 days free maintenance

The company provides free maintenance for 90 days of air conditioner cleaning. If the customer finds that the air conditioner is abnormal after cleaning the air conditioner, the master will be arranged to follow up

Fixing Air Conditioner
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