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Air conditioner service range

Cleaning the air conditioner is an important procedure for regular maintenance of the air conditioner. The purpose is to make the air conditioner run smoothly, save energy output, and protect your own health. The process of cleaning the air conditioner is mainly to clean the internal and external parts of the air conditioner, such as fan blades, condensers, radiators, dust screens, etc., to remove accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the various functions of the air conditioner are operating normally, such as replenishing refrigerant, checking the drain pipe, etc., to ensure the performance and safety of the air conditioner.


Disassembly and cleaning process of window-type air conditioner

Disassemble deep cleaning

  1. Make an appointment: After the customer and customer service make an appointment, a professional air conditioner will be arranged to arrive at the scene on the scheduled date and time.

  2. Check the condition of the air conditioner: Before cleaning, professional cleaning air conditioners use tools to check the window-type air conditioner to find out whether the window-type air conditioner is operating normally and evaluate the new and old condition of the equipment to determine whether it needs to be cleaned.

  3. Disassemble the window-type air conditioner: After the inspection, if the window-type air conditioner needs to be cleaned, a professional air conditioner will dismantle the window-type air conditioner from the window or the installation location and start deep cleaning.

  4. Remove the shell: the air conditioner will first remove the shell of the window-type air conditioner.

  5. Cleaning of internal components: The air conditioner will disassemble and clean each component of the window-type air conditioner, and use the special cleaner for the air conditioner to clean the pig cage fan and motor, etc., to remove the dust and dirt accumulated in the deep layer, and the cleaning effect is better than ordinary The disassembly and cleaning are more in-depth and meticulous.

  6. Wash the rest of the internal parts: Then the air conditioner will use the special cleaner for the air conditioner to deep clean the following parts, and rinse the sewage with water clean.
    - Radiator: Use special cleaning cleanser for air conditioner to remove dust and dirt.
    - Fan Blades: Clean the fan blades to ensure smooth operation and reduce noise.
    - Dust filter: Use special cleaning cleanser for air conditioner Wash the dust filter thoroughly with water to remove dust and bacteria.
    - Drip tray and drain: Clean the drip tray and drain to prevent moisture and mold growth.

  7. Check components: After cleaning, the air conditioner will check each component to ensure that the window-type air conditioner is operating normally. If the air conditioner is not operating normally, the air conditioner will report the damaged parts to the customer and make a quotation. If the customer agrees, the air conditioner will repair or replace the damaged parts.

  8. Install components: After the inspection, the air conditioner will reinstall the cleaned components.

  9. Running test: After the installation is completed, the air conditioner will run the window-type air conditioner and test it to ensure that it is running normally, and use a thermometer to test whether the cooling is normal and the noise is within the normal range.

  10. Re-installation: After cleaning and inspection of the window-type air conditioner, the air conditioner will reinstall the window-type air conditioner to the window or its original position.

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