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Air-conditioning service range

Cleaning the air conditioner is an important procedure for regular maintenance of the air conditioner. The purpose is to make the air conditioner run smoothly, save energy output, and protect your own health. The process of cleaning the air conditioner is mainly to clean the internal and external parts of the air conditioner, such as fan blades, condensers, radiators, dust screens, etc., to remove accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the various functions of the air conditioner are operating normally, such as replenishing refrigerant, checking the drain pipe, etc., to ensure the performance and safety of the air conditioner.


Window type bathroom treasure cleaning process

  1. Confirm whether it needs to be cleaned: check whether the bathroom treasure is suitable for cleaning and maintenance.

  2. Protect Work Areas: Cover bathroom areas with appropriate waterproof material to prevent damage.

  3. Power supply and disassembly: first turn off the power supply of the bathroom treasure, and then disassemble each part step by step.

  4. Removal of dust accumulation: use tools to remove dust accumulation on heating wires and dust screens.

  5. Washing the casing and internal components: Use professional cleaners and high-pressure water guns to thoroughly clean the casing and internal components such as pig cages.

  6. Parts Air Drying and Wiping: Allow the disassembled parts to air dry and wipe dry with a cloth.

  7. Apply disinfection and antibacterial solution: Use SafePRO® 180-day long-lasting disinfection and antibacterial coating, which can effectively kill 99.99% of viruses, including Covid-19 novel coronavirus.

  8. Reassembly and inspection: Reassemble the components of the Bathroom Treasure, and check its function to ensure normal operation.

  9. Cleaning and Restoration of Work Area: Final cleaning of the bathroom work area and restoration of it to its original state.

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