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​Why choose us?

Air Conditioner Cleaning Service- Professional, Fair Price and Quality Service

Our air conditioner cleaning company has made a commitment to offering high-quality, professional, and reasonably priced air conditioner cleaning services. The following are our features and advantages: ​

All air conditioners are clean by experienced air-conditioner masters

All air conditioner cleaning masters have extensive experience and are familiar with various brands and models of air conditioners. They can choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the specific conditions of your air conditioner to ensure the best cleaning effect.


The price is fair and there is no hidden or additional charges

The air-conditioner cleaning service price of One Plus One Clean is transparent. The price paid includes all cleaning service fees, and there is no need to worry about hidden or additional charges. We always insist on fair prices, so that you can feel the value for money while enjoying professional services.

Each air conditioner uses a standard washing procedure to achieve the best results

We follow standard cleaning procedures for air conditioners to ensure that each air conditioner can be thoroughly and deeply cleaned. This not only prolongs the life of the air conditioner, but also increases its operating efficiency, helping you save on energy costs.


The masters explain the air-conditioner procedures and precautions to the customers

Before cleaning, our air-conditioner cleaning master will explain the whole cleaning process to you in detail, and remind you of the maintenance items that need to be paid attention to in daily use. This will give you a better understanding of your air conditioner and make sure it remains in good working order.


Provide a three-month free maintenance period

In order to make customers more at ease, we provide a three-month free maintenance period after the cleaning is completed. During this period, if your air conditioner has any dripping or leaking problems, we will repair it for you free of charge.

Compensation will be guaranteed if it is damaged after washing, so you can use it with peace of mind

We are well aware of the importance of customers to the air conditioner, so we promise: if the air conditioner is damaged during the cleaning process, we will bear the corresponding liability for compensation. Let you feel at ease when using our services.

Ad hoc customer service follow-up hotline seven days a week

In order to ensure that you get timely support and answers during the use of our services, we have set up a customer service follow-up hotline seven days a week. Whether you have any questions or need help, our customer service team is here to assist you.

Choosing One Plus One Clean cleaning and air-conditioner experts, you will experience the perfect combination of professionalism, fair price and high-quality service. Our goal is to create a comfortable and cool living environment for you, so that your air conditioner can be kept in the best operating condition for a long time. Contact us now for professional cleaning of your air conditioner!

Air Conditioner

Choose our air-conditioner cleaning service, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Professional and experienced

Our team has many years of air-conditioner cleaning experience and is familiar with various brands and models of domestic and commercial air-conditioners. Our air-conditioner masters are experienced. With years of professional knowledge, they understand the structure and operating principles of various types of air-conditioners, and can effectively deep clean your air-conditioners.

High quality service

We use the most advanced cleaning equipment and technology, including cleaning the air conditioner with a high-pressure water gun, draining the water from the water suction machine, disinfecting the air conditioner with steam by a high-temperature steamer, and using a special cleaning agent for the air conditioner to ensure that your air conditioner is in good condition. Runs at its best after cleaning. We value customer satisfaction and are committed to providing quality service.

Environmental awareness

We pay attention to environmental protection and use special cleaning agents for air conditioners and professional cleaning equipment that are harmless to humans and animals. We will not affect the environment during the cleaning process, so that customers can enjoy the cool air while doing their part for the earth.

Reasonable price

Our prices are fair and competitive, giving you great value for your money. We believe that high-quality service and reasonable price are the key to gain customers' trust and support.

Door-to-door service, make an appointment convenient

We provide a convenient way to make an appointment, you can make an appointment for our services by phone or online. Our air conditioner will come to your door to clean your air conditioner according to your time requirements, so that you can enjoy professional air conditioner cleaning services without going out to find an air conditioner.

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