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Air conditioner service range

Cleaning the air conditioner is an important procedure for regular maintenance of the air conditioner. The purpose is to make the air conditioner run smoothly, save energy output, and protect your own health. The process of cleaning the air conditioner is mainly to clean the internal and external parts of the air conditioner, such as fan blades, condensers, radiators, dust screens, etc., to remove accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the various functions of the air conditioner are operating normally, such as replenishing refrigerant, checking the drain pipe, etc., to ensure the performance and safety of the air conditioner.


Four-sided air conditioner cleaning process

  1. Air conditioner inspection: Before cleaning, use inspection tools to check whether the air conditioner is operating normally and evaluate the condition of the four-sided air conditioner to determine whether cleaning is required.

  2. Protect before cleaning: Before you start cleaning, make sure you protect any areas you may come into contact with to prevent contamination or damage.

  3. Turn off the power and remove the power cord: Turn off the power of the air conditioner. Remove the power cord.

  4. Remove ceiling machine accessories: Remove the dust filter and casing.

  5. Remove the electronic accessories of the ceiling machine: use tools such as an electric screwdriver to remove electronic components such as electronic boards.

  6. Remove the ceiling machine assembly accessories: use tools such as an electric screwdriver to remove the water tray, face plate and fan blades.

  7. Put on the water cover: Put the water cover on the machine to prevent it from beingwater splashed.

  8. Start cleaning: Use a special cleaner for air conditioners made in Japan to clean the refrigeration chips and water pumps.

  9. Cleaning accessories: Air conditioners made in Japan dedicated. The cleaner rinses the drip pan, fan blades, housing and filter to remove dirt and bacteria.

  10. Cleaning is completed and tested: reinstall all the cleaned parts, turn on the air conditioner, and ensure that there is no problem with the cooling of the four-sided air conditioner and the released air fresh and natural.

  11. Complete Cleaning: After completing the test, restore the site for the client and ensure the work area is clean.

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